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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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eleven thirty am in moscow these are your r.t. headlines the plane has been shot down near the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi and witnesses say there is renewed shelling there despite moammar gadhafi has appearances of the cease fire and british and french jets are standing by to enforce the u.n. imposed a no fly zone as are u.s. warships plodded washington is accused of cherry picking where it intervenes rapidly mobilising for libya while innocent civilians die and other nations torn by internal strife. plus the radiation risk grow as japan struggles to save its crippled nuclear site eight days after the nation was overwhelmed by the powerful
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earthquake and tsunami. up next our g.'s spot right focuses on terrorism and the north caucuses as we talk to the head of russia's southern republican leadership to stay with us. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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how again i walked into spotlights they interview show on our feet i'll be in the hold and today marty guest in the studio is you know as bit yes poor. russia has lately experienced serious of terrorist attacks on some of its reach a number of these attacks were carried out by suicide bombers many of them came from gratias northern caucuses where social problems still seem extra is there a clue for the problem here is the head of russia's southern public i'll be the hero of the russian federation. of course. the government of english it has been trying really hard to improve the social and economic situation in the republic. if the roof is working closely with moscow and catching unemployment which is one of the highest in russia it's one of the reasons blamed for extremist recruitment kennelly of group doesn't think using force
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against extremists will help instead is exercising in a peaceful and personal approach. hello mr if you are thank you very much for coming to our program follow this to the floor of. the war against terrorist networks and your public course i ask you the same question fifteen months ago not how much progress have you and she stands and. one of you must have noticed that journalists are usually quick to notice here or think both good in that. of course we have made good progress in i would like to emphasize that we not only through the use of force but most importantly it was done through crime prevention measures we talked to people especially those who have relatives in terrorist groups. which you see our approach is that we look at them not as down and it's if we look at them as young guys and
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got involved in this bloody war against their own people and do some unfortunate circumstances. so we do our best to talk them out of it and today we see that this kind of criminal activity has dropped you know our republic drastically this year our statistics for the first two and a half months for a terrorist activities grave crimes and attacks on law enforcement officers are all zero levels. and the head of nga said he is f.s.b. . said that in the past year about fifty former terrorists were coerced waited to go back to normal life. how do you know that they're not just playing games can you guarantee that these people terrorists criminals whatever you call them won't take
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up their arms again. first of all these are not terrorists and they've been terrorists they would have been probably prosecuted but what are they these are people who are on their wanted list. for most of them their crimes have never been proved. they were afraid to come out of their hiding places and then it's usually recruit new members from these get a group of people how they being part. it's not a matter of being pardoned but on this actually i'm very grateful to let him a good bottle of f.s.b. chief. because this work has been very effective largely due to the fact that there is close cooperation between the government office souls on one hand and law enforcement agencies on the other. you said that they were never proven guilty so they return to normal life does that mean that they will be tried later and at
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some point they may be found guilty of. all right here is what we say to their relatives and everyone else actually on the phone to your request we can check our records and we will tell you what the charges against your realty of what the in a what kind of punishment he would face according to law. but if he turns himself in the end testifies to the term would be reduced and that's all that and this too was according to law all we do is strictly according to law as a result your old have stays alive he will be interrogated he testifies you get a chance to see him and after he's convicted we will try to get him to serve his term in the north caucasus. in southern russia we cannot guarantee that but we will do our best to ensure that it is the police so these fifty people came out of
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the woods they turned themselves in sleaze and many of them went to prison voluntarily is that correct. well these fifty people actually it's fifty four eight were convicted and the rest acquitted. i think with the rest of them and their guilt wasn't proved why we helped me you know them to get into schools or good. jobs you know one time i was meeting with college students and one of those students even told me you have to be in bennett to get a job and we should really end this because they all have heard about the support we offer to those people so i explained the situation to them and they all agreed that these people do need support so that they can return to normal life here though i think you will agree that the money is not the only factor affecting extremists recruitment tool for example so those who organized the recent terrorist attack on the my the other airport. you yourself said and i quote in order to
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eradicate extremism influencing young people we need to look for ideologists that what do you know who these ideologists are and what it is that makes their ideology so appealing to young people and i think. we know over eighty such ideologists in our republic and i want to emphasize that eight. special services are working with these ideologists were talking to them spiritual leaders were both already is including me and the council of tapes with our old working with them so they're not hiding anywhere and you know them you know they're not hiding what do you mean when you say special services or working with them do they use intimidation or i mean crime prevention analyzing the or teaching us reading between the lines. you see it's not like a person opens
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a school for terrorists and people come to him you know they just teach scripture them and people come to them for counseling or psychological help. but if you listen to what they see and we know that from our undercover agents there is nothing stream ist on the surface and what we see that most of those who join terrorist groups and you can sue side bombers were first instructed. by these ideologists. which of course it could be that not all of these eight ideologists influenced people to sway them five or six of them could be ok but two or three of them definitely have this kind of influence. that we're dealing with these people's personally as you yourself ever met any of these eight with the dog. not only do i know them i talk to each one of these eight. so you have
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a dialogue with people who basically recruit bandaids that when you go in for a while we can say they recruited and it's you have to realize that extremism is here to keep in their teaching and they're all religious leaders write of yes well the most part of what we can only suspect that they probably some accord in instilling extremist ideas a person goes through several stages you see white as a young boy become an extremist intimidation money and religious convictions of these three things. so their religious ideology teaches themes in his words strengthen the other two factors or intimidation and money. that's why when we talk to those ideologists we ask them to change their math and so you can change it. and also to pay closer attention to their students their studies you'll be on this eve of how do you view these ideologists for you as the
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head of the republic for are they enemies or just political opponents. they're not my enemies and they're not my political opponents they're just people who think they do their work when you do you respect them. well at least i can say i don't hate them but i have to admit i don't have much respect for them either. it's just that we could have used. methods and you'll harshly with them right but you prefer to be soft but i understand that harsh methods one get us anywhere if we remove these people others will take their place of the best ways to change them encourage them to teach differently or change their mindset. let them know that we're aware of what they're doing because when we just tell them that they teach extremism they deny everything. which is so instead we give them the numbers see eight i
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don't know you were ten students became bandits. was plenty of the history of course until recently and even yesterday i think we were getting reports that the head of the terrorist underground motto was about who is only most wanted list who was hiding somewhere in europe public we're told me that this wasn't confirmed does this mean he has left in good shape here and the police couldn't catch him that. sort of what we know is that he rarely goes down into the valley he has camps somewhere up in the mountains on the border. we know about some of these camps but he was able to escape before we got to have a quick so for we don't have positive information that he's in our republic and it hasn't been confirmed but just yesterday we discussed this and it hasn't been confirmed yet it doesn't matter actually where exactly he says he's and usually are anyway we often say so but of course it would be better if he realized the gravity
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of his actions and at least persuaded he's associates to turn themselves and go back to normal life which even if he himself cannot do that. is it possible. well if it's some point he said it's become a criminal maybe he can also change his mind now. after all people do think about the afterlife. only about this life here and. this first says you know you've had russia's southern republican. spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us we'll continue to in less than a minute. i.
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welcome back to the spotlight i'll do you know and just to remind you that my guest in the studio today is hugh news of course of head of the russia's southern republic of english that's here. is your second time on our show and just before our previous meeting which took place about fifteen months ago you fired your publicist prime minister but he said i should go soft but the reason was corruption and poor economic results this time again just before this meeting you fire the prime minister and say you have your phone and in the cases where there was no prior indication that was coming to a point that i didn't see any record saying that he didn't perform or he didn't cope with his job or that he had a conflict well you know what was the reason for this decision. because first of all it had nothing to do with my coming to your show i do hope the t.v. has nothing to do with it otherwise i won't come here again well that's
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a joke of course there is a big difference between these two resignations because the latest resignation it happened for a much more pleasant reason aleksey but obviously is my very good friend and colleague and he worked really hard he was a great help and the only reason for his resignation is that he's taking up another position so that was rather his which. he received an offer and we discussed it with him. i think it is good to show understanding when you have to let someone go . is currently acting prime minister is your former finance minister right will he be offered to take up the pm post not necessarily that's because we are considering a few candidates now. can you please comment on another personnel decision i quote traditional qualification committee has this bar deputy chairman of the supreme court. that would be mr though dirk of explains his
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resignation by claiming that you personally put pressure on him in other words he accuses you of meddling and judicial affairs if these comments on these accusations . well first of all he's not the deputy chairman he's just a regular member of the republic supreme court second i don't have time to comment on such statements i have far more important things to do third i didn't hear him say i only saw that reported on the internet fourth and this is the most important thing a judge who publicly criticise the head of the republic can no longer function as a judge he has no legal right to do this if he were to do this i think that this supreme court of the russian federation would have to address this because they have no right to criticize to the head of the republic i didn't hear this either i just read it. all right is just something that some person wrote so i cannot
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comment on this. what's your general opinion on your republic's judicial system. are you happy with it i know that only a small number of cases result in a guilty verdict. that would go on and frankly i was not happy with it until recently and now we have a new chairman of the supreme court and i'm sure that the situation will improve. one thing i was unhappy with was not corruption bribes or anything like that it. was too soft says hoagie for no that's not what i was unhappy with your i was unhappy with the fact that judges could disqualify themselves from a case if they thought it was too dangerous. and so it happened that all the judges in the republic would simply disqualify themselves if you so say twelve defendants who were found guilty and sentenced to long terms by the petit gore score it
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they're all in good they committed crimes and their guilt was proven but i'm sure that had they been tried in india surely it would have received much shorter terms . i'm not saying that the judges in the starr report region were biased all i'm saying is that english judges had no moral right to disqualify themselves. did they rescue themselves because they feared revenge for what they claimed that they feared for their lives when i told them look police officers too can get killed does this mean they shouldn't be doing their job or that i can get killed does this mean i should do nothing but. well if judges have concerns about their safety maybe it's not the fault of the judiciary perhaps is the fault of the law enforcement system. because police can't ensure their safety for. the call no it's not like that anymore if you think your job is not see or that your safety is not
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properly insured you should resign and get another job. some good fair enough. your government officials all come up with excuses and see they could get murdered i can provide for you border guards for everyone who watches when you're in public even the president can get killed as your own experience indicates . but this didn't send us running and hiding right of course i had border guards in an armored car. and yet you barely survived for a thought. but i have hundreds and thousands of policemen who do their duty there standing all alone in the street and anyone can shoot them i have clerics a man's. local officials they all do their work we can't offer protection to judges alone most of the judges would recuse themselves but i'm sure that a new chairman of the supreme court who shares my views on the issue will improve the situation. not long ago you said quote. is in
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desperate need for new qualified workers with fresh ideas with a puppet a knowledge and training and capable to use cutting edge technology unquote and this produced quite a stir and to shed tears some people fear that you're preparing for a major reshuffle of your stuff. as that's true and you know it's not exactly like that. let me put it this way of course we do need young blood but not in the top echelon. it seems to us after some analysis that we've done and that the media lashon on which is actually the most important one you consist of people aged fifty or sixty or even seventy years if that and quite often these older people are not quite open to new and daring ideas.
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so we thought it all over and we discussed it. and eventually we decided to refresh the middle ashqelon. i want everybody. to have more young people to prepare the next generation the right to more young people. but also back in two thousand and ten i wrote all governors say ask them to put two or . three local english residents on their staff were doing so now we have more than fifty young specialists working in regional administrations all over the russian federation. so in two or three years we expect them to maybe come to our republic and they will come as experienced workers but of the good. there is good news according to all the reports and industrial production in your republic has risen by ten or even twenty percent which industries are
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developing. and. frankly we have no big industrial enterprises which in the butt and we decided not to purchase technology from outside and instead we use our local designers. we are now good at developing break production also quarrying and food production which we might hear a little we don't have big factories or only small companies that will go with it and we still are in municipal administrations to purchase food products directly from those companies or this helps us avoid it middleman and high prices. we're going to go and eventually things got moving car people began to work better the time for you know when i met with love him or put in a year ago the first thing he said was that our industrial production was in
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decline. with that but i can tell you that this year alone thanks to the federal program we're going to launch a poem or a production of it on the job in a revival she factorise. a brick yard and another one. speaking of your meeting with you said that it's the problem of unemployment remains very serious he said the task. the two trees down employment trade by fifteen or twenty percent however so far it's been nearly four percent so why is there something that puts investors off. it's rather a question of our failure it seems to me to the plans that we had made that it will take anomic not all economic but also social. in terms of employment and considerable money was okayed it to levy attention on the labor market good morning
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from our mistakes in taking advantage of the new facilities that we are going to launch with we hope to improve the situation there from within and secondly we are creating new jobs in healthcare and education alone and we are creating more than six hundred jobs by launching new facilities and we are planning to increase the number up to two thousand which by the end it considering to programs for tension on the labor market in supporting individual and small business enterprise but then taking into account the labor force that we had not considered earlier i mean some of the to taxation when we are planning to bring this figure off to fifteen percent he says shiva situation where being a bandit will not be the best way to make money in addition. you know this theory that people become bad it's because of unemployment is not true not anymore and that it was false all along when we analyze our statistics we see that those who
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are arrested or killed or are in hiding that ninety percent had good jobs they have received good education and they came from families that were far from poor so you can say that only poor or unemployed people become terrorists that most of the bandits are but reach you spice and i thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today was you know. here are the russian federation head of russia's southern republic all in good shape and that's it for now from all of us here will be back with more first on comments on one thing going on in and out third russia until then stay on r.t. and take care pressing for the centrist.
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for the full system we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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